【American Express Card Activation】Activate Amex Card

Have you been approved for a new Amex Card through American Express?

If so, you have enjoyed years of service from one of American largest banking institutions Although most of the Amex cards comes pre-activated. However, you still need to register yourself and generate PIN and many more.

Here is the Full guide to activate Activate American Express Amex Card. You can activate your American Express Amex Card through online or you can call the two Phone numbers which are mentioned on the other side of the card.

Activate American Express Amex Card at americanexpress.com

American Express offers two options whether you apply online, via mail, or over the phone. This Express bank offers many services like Rewards, Travelcard, free credit points, cashback offers and much more customized options for its users.

To Activate new American Express Amex Card you require the card, 15 digits card number, passcode, banking ID for verification and personal identity to verify the owner of the card and accessing your new  Amex card.

How To Activate American Express Amex Card?

There are 2 methods for American Express Card Activation. Below we have provided the detail information for Amex card Activation. You can choose the best process which helps you with quick and easy card activation.

Activating Over the PhoneActivating Over Online

Activate American Express Amex Card Over Phone

You can directly activate American Express Card over the phone by calling a toll-free number. AmEx phone lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You will be connected with an American Express representative who will ask you questions about your card needs. They will help you in American Express Card activation over a phone call.

  • You need to call the American Express Card service toll free number. The number of customer services is provided below.

American Express Card Services: 1-800-223-2670

American Express Customer Service: 1 (800) 528-4800

  • You need to provide the card details to the representative for Activation of American Express Amex Card.

Activate American Express Amex Card Through Online

The Activation Amex Card of American Express via online is an easy and quick process. Simply follow the below steps to Activate American Express Amex Card via Online.

  • Firstly You need to visit the official site here: online.americanexpress.com
  • Once you visit. you will be prompted to enter your online banking User ID and password.
  •  If you’re not currently Registered as an American Express online banking, you can register now. Be sure to take advantage of all the great benefits as soon as you register.
  • Now you can simply sign in using your Online Banking ID and Passcode, then you will need to enter your card’s 15-digit number and 4-digit Card ID to complete activation process fast.


It will be really helpful to log in for Activate American Express Amex Card. As it was an easy process for you to Activate Amex Card from here, you can activate any gift card, bank credit or debit cards, Travelcards at our page. Visit official site now, for more information.